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Unlock your full potential

Thrive is an online course designed to help dental professionals at any stage of their career! The course will show you how to build a brand with insider secrets and how you can achieve more, but with a better work/life balance. Ultimately, I want to show you how you can leverage your position to grasp non-clinical opportunities and, best of all, get the respect you deserve as a vital part of the dental team.

Topics Covered

  • How to find genuine purpose and motivation?

  • Killer branding tactics that actually work!

  • Marketing for growth at ZERO cost

  • Tips that make your social media and marketing stand out

  • How to boss your PR game

  • Nail profiling & networking

  • Steal my workflow and thank me later

Meet Your Instructor

Anna Middleton

My name is Anna Middleton and I am the founder of London Hygienist - my award-winning independent dental business which I have built with the aim of changing the way oral health care is provided to the public and improve access to dental services! Getting to where I am today has not been easy, but with the passion of wanting to make change, aiming to work smarter, not harder, I have been able to enjoy my life in dentistry. Through these steps, I am now regarded as one of the most popular and sought-after hygienist/therapist in London. I am also a key opinion leader and ambassador for several large dental brands and am regularly invited to speak at lectures and write for both industry and consumer press across the world. I have created Thrive to show you how I got here. I want to show you the steps I took to build my business and help you apply the same techniques to your own career. Whether you are just starting out, looking to find your spark again or are part of a dental team in any capacity – try Thrive, and I promise it will help you grow both personally and professionally.

Customer Reviews

“I have had some of my highest earning days since the course. ”


“You helped me find new ways of doing things I needed to do the most, especially with a busy schedule and being on the go all the time. ”


“I am working less hours and taking more time out for myself. My sales have gone up by 30% and my stress levels went down even more.”


“You've shown me how to not settle for just a paycheck and how to work in more modern and practical ways.”


“Thrive is so well developed and delivered: it's not your average dental course. A great blend of business and branding, with a light touch of clinical. I LOVED IT! ”


I cannot wait to help you THRIVE!

What’s powerful and exciting about this course is the transformation you’ll feel during and afterwards! You will feel empowered by learning a new set of business skills, understanding what works and what doesn’t work. I will teach you my very own mistakes I have learnt along the way, whilst showing you want has been pivotal in helping my business grow. I want you to learn from my mistakes and wins! This course is like no other – it doesn’t dwell on clinical skills; it focuses on you! Your potential, your business and your transformation goals!